D/FW Ferrari Club of America

Spring 2003 Karting Challenge

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Spring 2003 Challenge cancelled until further notice

  • 2002 Karting Challenge Recap and Results

  • What, When, Where, Why

    The D/FW FCA Karting Challenge is a competitive series, run at TBC Indoor Racing, an indoor go-kart facility just off of Stemmons Freeway in Dallas. It's modeled after the Houston FCA chapter's series. Six events comprise the Spring 2003 series; six more events will comprise the Fall 2003 series.

    To compete in the series, you need to sign a waiver before each event. The waiver can be downloaded here. If you fill it out and bring it with you, we can all get on the track earlier.

    The 2003 series calendar is below. All dates fall on Tuesday.
    Round Number Date Time Results/Event Recap
    Round 1 January 14 7:00 PM Click Here
    Round 2 February 11 7:00 PM Click Here
    Round 3 March 11 7:00 PM Click Here
    Round 4 April 8 7:00 PM Click Here
    Round 5 May 13 7:00 PM CANCELLED
    Round 6 June 10 7:00 PM CANCELLED

    TBC Indoor Racing is located at 8625 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247-3701. Exit I35E at Regal Row, and the facility is on the west side of the freeway.

    We have the use of the garage during these events, so that the cars can be somewhat shielded from prying eyes and the elements. The garage is functional -- big, lighted, covered. It's part of the main building itself -- it was the loading dock back when this place was a warehouse. The garage entrance is off the side road by the facility. When you're coming down the access road, go just past TBC and take the first right, and the entrance should be obvious.

    Once you're inside, just look for the people hanging out around the beverage area. That will be the right group.

    Why not?

    Actually, it's just to have fun, and maybe encourage people to get to know each other in a non-meeting environment. Mainly, it's about having fun, talking, racing, showing off, and admiring each other's cars. Did I mention that it's supposed to be fun?

  • Costs

    Each event consists of 3 races, each of which is roughly 8-10 minutes long. While that may not sound like much, it's a lot of laps on these tracks. The cost for the event is $40 per driver, which includes the three races, use of the room, use of the garage, etc. The cost also covers the trophies for each event and the series champion trophies. Please bring cash, as we're being charged as a single group..

    The series consists of six events, so the total cost for the each series in 2003 will be roughly $240, if you participate in all six events.

  • Scoring

    Points are based upon the position at the end of each race, down to 36th place. The first two races in a night are heat races. Heat races are used to determine the starting position in the final race. Points during a heat race are halved; full points are awarded for the feature race of the night.

    Position Heat Race Feature Race
    1 30 60
    2 28.5 57
    3 27.5 55
    4 26.5 53
    5 25.5 51
    6 24.5 49
    7 23.5 47
    8 22.5 45
    9 22 44
    10 21.5 43
    11 21 42
    12 20.5 41
    Position Heat Race Feature Race
    13 20 40
    14 18.5 37
    15 17.5 35
    16 16.5 33
    17 15.5 31
    18 14.5 29
    19 13.5 27
    20 12.5 25
    21 12 24
    22 11.5 23
    23 11 22
    24 10.5 21
    Position Heat Race Feature Race
    25 10 20
    26 8.5 17
    27 7.5 15
    28 6.5 13
    29 5.5 11
    30 4.5 9
    31 3.5 7
    32 2.5 5
    33 2 4
    34 1.5 3
    35 1 2
    36 0.5 1

    The final points standing will use the 12 best scores of the season. If you make all three events, then you can use 6 main events and 6 qualifiers. If you only make 4, you'll have 4 main events and 8 qualifiers. Obviously, those who make all the events will have an advantage.

    All races are scored based upon time. The fastest lap time per driver will determine the standings within a race. The heat races will have a staggered start: the drivers will be able to race the instant they leave the pit. Positions for the start of the heat races will be random, as determined by the employees of the facility.

    The feature race will be a standing start, Gran Prix style. Positions for the start of the feature are based upon performance in the heat races.

    During the week after each event, the points standings for the season will be updated and posted at http://www.strahan.org/FCA/.

  • Rules

    1. First rule is to have fun. This isn't F1, so don't take too serious, but do take it serious enough because of safety concerns and it is a competitive event.
    2. Intentional contact is not permitted.
    3. Blocking is not permitted, although defensive racing is. Defensive racing, for example, is entering a corner on the inside to prevent following racers from passing you on the inside. Blocking is swerving back and forth thus preventing someone from passing you.
    4. Results are based on fastest lap time, not final finishing position. Therefore, there's no need really for head to head competition. If someone is obviously faster, then it will be mutually beneficial to let them by so you can drive the optimal line for time. Also, following a faster driver will be educational.
    5. These are fast Go Karts. They aren't kid toys. There is the potential for injury with kart to kart or kart to wall contact. Everyone will be sore the next day!
    6. Race your rear off! Best lap time wins.